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  PodUpTi.me (Check pod status)
  Dia.so (Diaspora URL shortener)
  FindAPod.com (Diaspora servers near you)
Welcome to Diaspora Forum!
DiasporaForum.org is a community led support forum for Diaspora users of all levels.  We have many members that are very knowledgeable of Diaspora and lend a helping hand to those with questions.

If you have a Diaspora account or are thinking of getting one, you are encouraged to register for this forum and participate in the discussions.  You can get help, report bugs, submit suggestions and more.

If you do not know what Diaspora is, check out "What Is Diaspora?" and the "Diaspora Foundation page".  Special thanks to all the hard working people around the world helping to make Diaspora a success.

If you have a Diaspora account, please click the share button above.

Looking for a Diaspora account?
You have a few options to getting a Diaspora account.
1 - You can go to
JoinDiaspora.com and request an invite by entering your email address.
2 - You can request that someone that has an account already send you an invite.
3 - You can go to one of the many public pods that are available and already accepting new members.  We use the
Diasp.org pod for this site's account, but there are many pods available.  For information on different pods, check PodUpTi.me
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